Summer 2015 Auditions
   Our Summer Intensive Program began in 2014 with a same-sex version of Romeo + Juliet.
  With the success of our first Summer Intensive, we have decided to continue to develop it into
  an annual program. We are pleased to announce that this Summer, we will be mounting Jumanji!  


By Appointment
Treehaus Collaborative Workspace (79 Joseph St., Kit)
To book audition, click here
What is a summer intensive?
Our challenge in a summer intensive is to rehearse and stage 
a full length production in a two week period. We will be 
rehearsing Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm for two weeks 
(July 27-August 8). Actors committing to this production will be expected 
to have perfect attendance, and to arrive on Day One of rehearsal 
with all of their text memorized.
How much does this program cost?
The tuition fee for this program is $375.00 (HST included). 
This is the same cost as our Fall and Spring programs. 
The amount of rehearsal time given for these productions, though 
condensed, is substantially more than our Fall and Spring seasons 
making this a better deal than our Fall and Spring programs.
Can I miss a rehearsal?
No. With only 10 days and 80 hours of rehearsal time, if you miss any 
rehearsals, it will be very difficult to get caught up. If there is an issue 
with this, please let me know and we may be able to make arrangements.
Will we get a lunch break?
Yes, there will be a 45-60 minute lunch break provided near
12noon on most days. Please plan to pack a lunch, and spend time with 
your castmates. There is a park and open field close to the rehearsal space.
  Our Programs Provide:                 

            •    Excellent instructor to student ratio                    

            •    Professional instruction from experienced theatre educators                    

            •    A STEP program geared towards raising Social, Theatrical, Environmental, and Physical consciousness

            •    Complimentary tickets to shows presented throughout the community
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